To produce 100% Estate Grown wines from our vineyards to the highest possible standards.


Greetings and welcome to the wonderful world of wine! 


Montcalm Vineyards is located amongst the beautiful Green Mountains overlooking Lake Bomoseen in Vermont.


    In the summer of 1978 I was walking on our family farm with my college roommate.  He was a horticulture major and a complete "wine geek". When he saw our grey slate soils, southern exposure, and enormous wild grape vines he said it was an ideal vineyard site.  He said  "This is what they grow Riesling on in Germany! You have to plant a vineyard!"  That next summer I planted a small experimental vineyard with vines I obtained through the Cornell Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, NY.  Unfortunately, our winters proved too harsh for the tender European vines and they died.


    I continued to experiment with varieties of vines that I thought had a chance of surviving our winters and still had the wine quality I was looking for without much success.  Then in 1999 I had a conversation with an elderly German Nursery owner from the Finger Lakes in New York State.  I heard he had a clone of Riesling that might be slightly more winter hardy than the commonly planted cultivars.  He said he had it, and he would send me some, but assured me they would fail in Vermont.  He was right.  However, in that same conversation he told me about a new variety that was recently released by the University of Minnesota that was winter hardy to about 30 below zero Farenheit.  He sent me my first 25 vines and they not only survived but thrived on my vineyard site.  Finally, after 20 years disappointment there was a glimmer of hope.  


    I flew out to Minnesota to learn more about their grape breeding program and was invited to become an experimental vine tester for their new varieties.  Since then the University of Minnesota has released several more varieties including La Crescent and Marquette, that hold the promise finally allow Vermont to join the ranks of world class wine producers.


    We are pleased to announce the opening of our new tasting room in May of 2014 on the shores of Lake Bomoseen and invite you to stop by for a taste!